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Liquor ban: After Supreme Court order, most highways run dry

Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Liquor shops along the highways in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh functioned normally on Saturday despite of the Supreme Court ban as licences are valid till September 30 and June 30, respectively in both states. As the Supreme Court modified its direction on Friday, stating that the existing licences will be valid

Many taxpayers receiving IT notice under section 143(1)(a). Here’s what to reply

New Delhi: Employers in organisations have historically faced several issues when it comes to filing income tax. While the process of returns filing has now been simplified by the Income Tax department, there are several sections and sub-sections the tax filers have to be careful about. Despite all efforts to keep the filing process clean, taxpayers

How to withdraw EPF and EPS online?

On 1st May 2017, EPFO announced the launch of the facility to withdraw EPF and EPS online. Let us see the procedure and conditions of online EPF withdrawal facility in detail. As of now, it is a tedious task to apply for withdrawal. The process involved physical application to move from one authority to another authority.

EPF Account Withdrawal, Other Claims: EPFO Announces New Rules

EPF or employee provident fund withdrawal claims above Rs. 10 lakh don’t have to be filed online. Retirement fund body EPFO or Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has recently revised some of its rules related to provident fund claims. The EPFO has nearly six crore subscribers and manages a corpus of about Rs. 10 lakh crore. In a circular dated April

How to check UAN (Universal Account Number) Online?

Soon you will get your UAN Number (Universal Account number) for PF account.  This UAN number will be unique throughout your career. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to launch Universal Account Number (UAN) website on 16th Oct. This will enable PF portability. What is PF Portability? Right now every time you are joining new company,